Global Mining Solutions wash plant concentrator has replaced all previous forms of gravity concentrators. It has proven to be the most efficient unit for free gold and heavy mineral recovery in placer gravel and hard rock operations. This allows process gold placers, which were once considered uneconomical to mine, to be profitable operations.

Global Mining Solutions provides a wide range of concentrating products for the metallurgical and mineral processing industry. Our state of the art products offer advanced engineering design and reliability that affords our clients a competitive base, from which to choose the product that will successfully meet your requirements.

Wash Plant


Wash plant concentrating technology was designed as a precious metal recovery application system. When used as a heavy mineral concentrator; the technology can be used in bulk recovery of various platinum group metals such as base metals. The wash plant concentrator can also be used for industrial heavy minerals such as native copper, mercury, tantalite, considerate, chromite, etc. The robust design and quality manufacturing ensures that every concentrator will provide exceptional recovery and years of mechanically trouble-free service.

Global Mining Solutions gold shaker table concentrators and gravel wash plant concentrators are installed in over 2000 operations worldwide. Our heavy mineral concentrator is the most advanced and widely proven gravity concentration device available to the mining industry. This equipment saves gold from 4” nuggets to – 500 or smaller particle sizes, without sizing the gravel.

Global Mining Solutions concentrators are fully automated without the use of complicated gauges, dials or electronic equipment. The units have no specialized electronic parts that have the potential to fail when you are 100 miles from civilization. Six bolts will remove the complete ball bearing drive system. Complete removal only takes five minutes. Any bush layman can operate this equipment with just a few minutes of training. Gravel washing and concentration is open for viewing, which allows operators to physically control all phases of production. Security covers are optional to protect against theft. There are no bolting or expensive concrete pads needed for installation, which allows the machine to be moved. Only a small generator is required to run the concentrator.

A wash plant can be mounted on a skid or trailer for mobility; and can be easily moved following a gravel channel, field exploration or any small to medium scale production.

The wash plant will process oversized rock up to 4 inches or more. This can be an advantage, saving large nuggets and micron sized gold. Our products are considered the top separators for heavy metals.

The decks are open for full viewing while washing and concentrating, allowing the operator to have complete control of productions. Security covers are optional for theft protection.

Our products are simple to operate, with fewer margins for error while located a hundred miles from civilization.  Any layman can operate this machine; there are minimum amounts of moving parts. Our motto is “KEEP IT SIMPLE.”

All parts prone to wear, which are exposed to rock abrasion (except screens) have optional ¼” replaceable rubber liners.

Equipment is capable of processing up to 200 yards of 4”- 6” gravel per hour, from your hopper grizzly feeder.

Equipment works perfectly for mounting on floating dredges and is able to receive feed from a 6”-12” dredge line when using the optional rigid mounted feed pan.

Our products are unique patented wash plants capable of washing, screening, classifying and concentrating. Two decks oscillate with a sharp positive motion in opposite directions, neutralizing all forces out of balance. The product is able to move one micron sized particles with ease. This wash plant is extremely quiet and vibration free. The featured easy operation simplifies installation.

Coarse gravel and rock (4″ to 6″) feed from a belt feed hopper that is fitted with a rock grizzly. A steady feed of gravel is discharged from your hopper, onto the top rigid mounted sluice pan wash plant, at a feed rate of up to 200 yards of gravel per hour, using up to 1400 g.p.m, through a water bar depending on model. The top rigid mounted sluice pan will allow processing bank run gravel with rocks up to 4 inches in size. The recommend maximum oversize rock is 3-4 inches or smaller. Wash plant concentrators are the only machines on the market that will process this high volume of gravel and large rock size, while saving microns to large nugget sized heavy minerals. This wash plant concentrator eliminates the need for jigs, centrifuges, sluices, carpet clean-up, vibrating screens and trommels. NO MORE CARPET CLEAN-UP!

Required support equipment will include means for loading gravel, one belt feed hopper with a top mounted grizzly, generator for electricity, water and sand pumps and a stacking conveyor if water is recycled. A launder tray, sluice or water ditch will eliminate sand pump and stacking the conveyor. Suction dredges will pump directly onto the top rigid mounted sluice. This machine can be moved with a small pick-up truck or jeep.

A large hopper feeder with a rock grizzly and belt feed is the recommended feed system for this high volume wash plant concentrator. A vibrating grizzly should be used over the hopper feeder and will use about a 1-2 hp motor or more.